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Windows Leak – Problem 2

Windows Leak – Problem 2

on Jul 6, 2018 in EIFS & Stucco Problems and Fixes, Stucco News

Poor Window Design And Components

Many window manufacturers still use soft, untreated wood components in their windows. Once the moisture makes it to this wood, rot can happen quickly.

This new window was installed in a $1 million home in 2003. The miter joint was already partially compromised at the time it was installed. The rough opening preparation is also inadequate.

Stucco EIFS windows leak wood rot

Untreated, finger-jointed wood is especially susceptible to moisture damage. Most of these windows rot from the inside out when moisture enters the window at the miter joint of the sill and jamb.

EIFS windows leak miter joints

Window sash tracks mounted against untreated wood without proper caulking are very common. This is the cause of most moisture problems in wooden double and single hung windows. These windows often leak right from the factory, but rough handling and poor installation compound the problem.

Stucco windows leak sash tracks

Flat sills in wood windows direct the water to the most vulnerable part of the window: the miter joint. Flat joints in metal windows also direct the water to cracks in the sill or miter joint.

Problems Stucco EIFS flat sills

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