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Certified Inspection Report Review and Repair Analysis

Understanding Your CRA

It takes a MoistureFree Certified expert to inspect and repair your home, but you don’t have to be an expert to understand most of the moisture problems that occur on your home. This guide is intended to help you understand the most common exterior moisture problems. Remember, you can always call the experts at MoistureFree Warranty to help you with any of your home’s moisture problems. Our goal is the same as yours…a dry home!

Review and Recommendations:
If repairs are necessary to meet warranty requirements, MWC can produce a Certified Repair Analysis (CRA)  that outlines exactly what will be needed to qualify the home for warranty coverage and to guide you through the repair process and will even provide you with a list of certified stucco contractors in your area who are familiar with MWC repair standards. The inspection is reviewed by one of our specialists.  If repairs are required, an inspector must visit the home and verify repairs have been made effectively and according to MWC standards. Once these requirements are completed a Moisturefree Stucco Warranty may be purchased.

If you are purchasing a Certified Repair Analysis we will review an inspection report sent to us from a MWC certified stucco inspector. Please email your report to . Then order your CRA using the link below. The CRA is a guide to help you obtain repair estimates from certified stucco repair contractors. There are no dollar/estimate figures included in the CRA.

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