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MoistureFree Stucco Warranty

MoistureFree Stucco Warranty

MoistureFree Warranty is the nationally recognized solution to concerns about moisture problems in stucco homes (EIFS, hardcoat, synthetic, drainable and other stucco systems). Much more than just a warranty, MoistureFree is your partner in solving your moisture problems by helping you through the solution process. From getting the right inspector to choosing a qualified contractor with fair prices, MoistureFree is by your side.

Certified Inspection Report Review and Repair Analysis

Understanding Your CRA

It takes a MoistureFree Certified expert to inspect and repair your home, but you don’t have to be an expert to understand most of the moisture problems that occur on your home. This guide is intended to help you understand the most common exterior moisture problems. Remember, you can always call the experts at MoistureFree Warranty to help you with any of your home’s moisture problems. Our goal is the same as yours…a dry home!

DamSill WIndow Pans

Damsill Window Pans

DamSill is a window pan system that is designed to solve moisture problems in both new and existing structures by installing under windows and doors to catch water and move it away from the wall. Easier to install and more reliable than any other pan system on the market, DamSill ships in 3’ sections that can be adjoined to create any length. The finish trim/ face plate is not supplied due to the custom needs of most installations.

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Why Has Moisture Become Such A Critical Problem?

Moisture has always been a challenge to property owners, but litigation related to moisture and indoor air quality have magnified the concern many times over. Now more than ever, stucco property owners must deal with moisture issues quickly and effectively. The source of the moisture problem must be identified and eliminated in order to reduce damages and legal exposure. The risk is great. The solution is easy, MoistureFree Commercial Services.

One Source for a Total MoistureFree Solution

MoistureFree Commercial Services specializes in providing comprehensive solutions to moisture problems related to the building envelope. Specializing in stucco, (hard coat traditional stucco and EIFS synthetic stucco) dwellings, we discover the root cause of moisture problems and engineer the most efficient method to permanently resolve the problem. With the only national warranty program available for new or existing commercial stucco structures, you can trust MoistureFree as your total solution to moisture problems.


When we sold our home in Georgia, as a condition of the sale, the buyers insisted that we put a MoistureFree Warranty on our home. Having the MoistureFree Warranty protecting the home set the buyers’ minds at ease. It was a smart move because it gave them the confidence they needed to purchase our home. The service representatives at Moisture Warranty were easy to work with and made the transaction go smoothly for all involved.

Carolyn Seeley – Seller, Orange County