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MoistureFree Stucco Warranty

MoistureFree Stucco Warranty

MoistureFree Stucco Warranty

MoistureFree Warranty is the nationally recognized solution to concerns about moisture problems in stucco homes (EIFS, hardcoat, synthetic, drainable and other stucco systems). Much more than just a warranty, MoistureFree is your partner in solving your moisture problems by helping you through the solution process. From getting the right inspector to choosing a qualified contractor with fair prices, MoistureFree is by your side. That is why more than 70% of our customers extend their warranty protection.

MoistureFree was the warranty and service provider selected for the Dryvit national class-action settlement, a choice approved by the courts and thousands of stucco homeowners. MoistureFree has been the proven solution for homeowners troubled with the stigma and expense of moisture problems in their stucco homes. Let us help you sell your stucco home or provide the protection you need if you are purchasing a stucco home.

MoistureFree does NOT receive any compensation from inspectors or contractors…none! That is why you can trust MoistureFree to help get your home dry and keep it that way for years to come.

Here are some of the key benefits of having our nationally recognized home warranty.

  • Preserves and Increases Value: Preserves or can even increase the asking price of the home when it’s for sale.
  • Fast Sales: Significant reduction in “time on the market” (up to 50% decrease)
  • The Best Protection Available:

Advanced Features

  • Home Warranty Is Fully Transferable.
  • Easily Renewable.
  • Available in 1,3, and 5-Year Terms.
  • Coverage start from $10,000.

Across the country there is an increase in moisture problems related to residential homes. MoistureFree Warranty’s staff has over 45 years of experience in identifying & cost-effectively solving moisture problems in building structures.

These experts are here to help you understand how the warranty can meet your specific needs as well as guide you through our simple process to obtain a warranty. The process consists of inspecting, repairing, and protecting your stucco home (using third-party, highly-trained moisture inspectors and repair contractors). The value of this expertise to the homeowner or Realtor is priceless.

What is the value of insuring ?

  • You’re not paying too much for the work performed.
  • The work is performed correctly the first time.
  • Unnecessary repairs are not performed.
  • Repairs are finished in a timely manner.

Working closely with the homeowner or Realtor, our staff reviews third-party home inspections and repairs to help qualify and control repair costs. This way, only the necessary repairs are required to ultimately issue a MoistureFree Warranty. This is an invaluable service for most homeowners and Realtors who do not have experience with stucco homes. Our team has the advantage of providing solutions to moisture on a daily basis.

We can help you save time and money and keep your home dry and protected for the future…………..

Whether you are a home buyer or seller, a real estate professional, a home inspector, a repair contractor, or a concerned homeowner desiring the peace of mind and protection a MoistureFree Warranty affords, find out how the MoistureFree Warranty can benefit you. Simply click on the subject of interest to you, and be sure to watch our Moisture Warranty Stucco Presentation.

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