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The team at MoistureFree Warranty can assist you with all of your moisture concerns.

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Opening a claim is not a guarantee of coverage. If no covered failures are found, you will be responsible for the entire cost of the service call and any work performed. 

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Warranty Transfers

The warranty is fully transferable and can be renewed following a qualifying protocol inspection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a MoistureFree Warranty necessary?

Answer:  There are a variety of issues associated with EIFS homes that can be mitigated with a MoistureFree warranty.  To name a few: the stigma associated with stucco homes; reluctance to list, show, or view/buy stucco homes; preserve asking price/value; protection for all parties involved; protection against repairs failing/moisture intrusion; peace of mind; approved inspection protocol and repair standards.

What does the MoistureFree Warranty cover?

Answer:  The warranty provides payment for repairs related to the stucco if elevated moisture levels are found during the term of the warranty.  It pays to modify or repair the affected area so it can be dry again. 

How do we purchase a warranty?

The home must be inspected by a qualified moisture inspector following the MoistureFree Warranty Inspection Protocol. The inspection report then should be submitted to Moisture Warranty Corporation (MWC) for review along with a warranty application form that has been completed by the inspector. MWC will contact the homeowner with any modifications and repairs that need to be completed before a warranty can be written, those repairs are made, and a remediation (second) inspection will be completed to ensure that the repairs have been completed according to protocol. (MWC can provide the homeowner with a list of quality repair contractors in their area.) Once these steps have been satisfactorily completed, a MoistureFree Warranty is placed on the home.

Who backs the warranty?

Answer:  The MoistureFree Warranty is backed by the RWC Stucco Warranty Company (RWCSWC). RWCSWC and its affiliates have over 20 years of experience in the home warranty business.

I’ve heard of other warranty/guarantee programs in our area. How do they differ from the MoistureFree Warranty?

Answer: The MoistureFree Warranty is the only national third-party warranty without the potential conflicts of interest inherent with a guarantee from a repair contractor. Without knowing specifics, generally speaking, most other programs are backed by a single insurance policy on the company and are not geared to multiple homes. Several large claims can put these programs out of business, leaving the homeowner at the mercy of his/her own pocketbook. In addition, many times these programs demand that you use their inspectors and that all repairs are done by those same inspectors. We see this as a potential conflict of interest.

At MWC, we give YOU those choices. You choose the inspector, and as long as that inspector uses our inspection protocol, we are able to accept his/her report. You then choose the repair contractor, and as long as repairs are made according to our Repair Standards and Options, we will write the warranty (MWC Inspection Protocol and Repair Standards and Options are available to inspectors and repair contractors who visit our web site).

In some states, MWC has the only approved warranty by that state’s insurance commission.

How does having a MoistureFree Warranty affect the sale of a stucco home?
Answer: Having a MoistureFree Warranty can reduce the time the home is on the market by as much as 50%. From 3% to 16% of the sales price can be maintained by having a MoistureFree Warranty on the home. On a $250,000 home, that can range from $7,500 up to $40,000 in home value protection at the time of sale.