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Stucco Expert Witness

Stucco Expert Witness

Moisture Warranty Corporation provides expert witness services to clients who can benefit from the most extensive database of building envelope-related moisture problems in the country. MWC doesn’t base its expertise on opinions, laboratory studies, or third-party research. Our knowledge is based on statistics taken directly from the thousands of reports that have been analyzed over the last 12 years. Other experts typically base their opinions on laboratory observations or limited field data. MWC effectively neutralizes these opinions with overwhelming evidence of the cause, results, and solutions related to exterior moisture issues on buildings.

MWC has the most extensive data in the country concerning:

Window Failures

  • How and why they occur and at what frequency
  • What types of windows fail and at what rate
  • Remediation techniques for various window systems
  • Costs for remediation in any area of the country

Flashing Failures

  • How they occur and at what frequency
  • Average extent of damage related to specific flashing failures
  • Remediation techniques for retrofitting flashings
  • Costs for remediation in all regions of the country

Cladding Failures and Failures Mistakenly Associated with Cladding

  • Barrier and drainable EIFS moisture issues
  • Portland cement-based stucco problems
  • Brick and lap siding moisture issues

Other Failures

  • Any penetration of the cladding
  • Wall system failures
  • Moisture and vapor barrier failures
  • Door failures, frequency and remediation
  • Mid-wall condensation issues

Database Content


  • 28,000+ residential structures
  • 340,000 photos of exterior cladding elements with data-point references
  • 800,000+ window moisture test points
  • 320,000+ flashing related points
  • 9,000 Repair Cost and Scope of Work Estimates
  • Remediation technique failure rates
  • Nationwide estimates for cost-effective remediation methods
  • Claims data on thousands of warranty issues on cladding systems