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Thank you for your interest in Moisture Warranty Corporation (MWC). As a Charlotte NC stucco home buyer, you have come to the right place to learn how to buy a Charlotte NC stucco home and protect yourself for the future when doing so. By buying a home with a MoistureFree Warranty protecting it, you know that the home has been through a stringent process of inspection and repair that has been overseen by the professionals at MoistureFree Warranty and has the solid backing of the Charlotte NC MoistureFree Warranty for years to come.

Charlotte EIFS & Hardcoat Stucco Inspections


Moisture Warranty Corporation has assisted thousands of stucco home buyers since 1996. The introduction of the MoistureFree Warranty provided a comprehensive solution to Charlotte NC home buyers and Realtors who have embraced the MoistureFree Warranty as a much needed tool for all parties involved in the process of buying a stucco home.

A Warranty With Solid Backing

Provides Peace of Mind To Charlotte Home Buyers

When you sell your home, the MoistureFree Warranty helps ease home buyers’ concerns about purchasing a stucco home. The MoistureFree Warranty assures them that your home will be moisture free, or we’ll pay to get it moisture free.

Gives The Charlotte Home Sellers An Advantage

Rather than having to discount their home, a home seller can purchase a MoistureFree Warranty and retain the value of their home, potentially saving a home seller tens of thousands of dollars at the time of sale.

Reduces The Time The Home Is On The Market

Having A MoistureFree Warranty protecting the home can reduce the time the home is on the market by as much as 50%.

Fully Transferable

New owners automatically receive the benefit of any remaining warranty protection on the home, and there are no transfer fees.

Up to 5 Years and $50,000 of Warranty Protection

Base coverage starts at $10,000 with multiple policy options up to $50,000. 1, 3, and 5-Year Warranties are available.

Renewable Coverage

Following re-certification, coverage can be extended up to 5 years and can be renewed indefinitely upon re-certification.

No Excessive Repairs Required

The MoistureFree Warranty does not require Charlotte homeowners to make unnecessary repairs to their home. Our friendly staff at Moisture Warranty Corporation assist homeowners every day with understanding what modifications are necessary, and can advise on typical costs for these repairs.

Affordable Cost and Payment Terms

The MoistureFree Warranty offers reasonable pricing, combined with flexible payment terms, that makes it simple and affordable to get warranty protection.

Warranty on Repair Contractors’ Work

After modifications are made to a home and verified through inspection, a MoistureFree Warranty can be purchased to satisfy the homeowner about the quality of work done to repair the home. If a repair fails during the term of the warranty, and allows moisture intrusion, Moisture Warranty Corporation pays to have it repaired.

Helps Protect The Charlotte Home

Since the MoistureFree Warranty requires an inspection to be issued, the home may be saved from costly damage that may have gone undetected.

Charlotte EIFS & Hardcoat Stucco Inspections