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Thank you for your interest in Moisture Warranty Corporation (MWC). MoistureFree Warranty is the long-term solution homeowners and Realtors have waited for to deal with the moisture issues associated with stucco homes, and it’s the only warranty that is available nationwide!


Qualified home inspectors may submit homes to MWC for warranty consideration and will be paid a referral fee for each warranty issued. In addition, a referring inspector also has the benefit of providing all follow up (warranty midterm) inspections on the home he/she sent to MoistureFree Warranty.



To be considered for warranty coverage, stucco homes should be tested using the MoistureFree Warranty Inspection Protocol, or the home’s inspection must be approved by a MoistureFree Warranty Specialist to be sure it meets MoistureFree Warranty standards.


To submit a home for warranty consideration, simply contact MWC at 800-400-8679. The home must be submitted within 90 days of a qualifying inspection.