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Requirements To Become A MWC-Certified Repair Contractor


To qualify for certification, your company must:

  • Provide at least three customer referrals that will be verified by MWC
  • Purchase MoistureFree Warranty Inspection and Repair Video Training Series
  • Pass Online Certification Test
  • Agree to the MWC 18-Month Repair Contractor Guarantee
  • Agree to provide an onsite Certified Repair Contractor on all projects related to the Dryvit Settlement
  • Agree to provide reasonable evidence of the adequacy of repairs (digital or 35mm photos of critical areas) to MWC
  • Agree to provide repairs and modifications in accordance with the repair standards and options established by MWC
  • Agree NOT to solicit or provide inspections services related to moisture testing of EIFS-clad homes
  • Agree to the Terms and Conditions of the MWC Repair Contractor Certification Program.

What Is The Cost Of Becoming A Certified Repair Contractor?

The cost of the MWC training program is $595. This entitles a business that meets the conditions above to qualify up to two individuals to become certified within the company. Additional individuals at a company can become certified for $195 each. The training program is contained on VHS videotapes and includes study guides. The certification test is taken online. The test can be taken up to two times. Additional online tests cost $95 per attempt.

What Area Can I Expect To Provide Repair Services In?

MWC will list you as a Certified Repair Contractor for any state where your company has been properly licensed, bonded, and insured.

*You will need access to a computer and the Internet to complete the online test requirement to become certified.