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MWC Stucco Repair Contractor Certification

To become certified, you are required to purchase a video-based training program/manual.

To become certified, you are required to purchase a video-based training program/manual (MoistureFree Warranty Inspection And Repair Video Training Series) which will prepare you for an online test you will be required to pass before becoming MWC certified.



The cost of the program is $595 which entitles a business to qualify up to two individuals to become certified within the company. Additional individuals at a company can become certified for $195 each. The online certification test may be taken up to two times. Additional online tests cost $95 per attempt.

Certification Process

  • Complete MoistureFree Warranty Inspector Certification/Training Order Form.
  • Provide at least three customer referrals that will be verified by MWC.
  • Purchase MoistureFree Warranty Inspection and Repair Video Training Series.
  • Receive training materials from Moisture Warranty Corp. Training materials will include a Certification Number for access to testing.
  • Study the materials until you are ready for the test.
  • Follow the instructions to take the online test at MWC web site.
  • Complete the test. Pass / Fail information will be provided immediately.
  • After a successful qualification, a Certificate will be provided.
  • For those who do not qualify, an e-mail will be sent indicating those questions missed and a new certification number (your password to retake the test). Candidates will be allowed to take the test twice at no additional fee. Should additional testing be required, these test sessions will cost $95 each attempt.
  • Upon certification, the company name will be added to the MoistureFree Warranty list of certified contractors.

*You will need access to a computer and the Internet to complete the online test requirement to become certified.