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Realtor Testimonials

""It can be very difficult to sell a synthetic stucco home in the Chicago area. When we are called by a homeowner to do a market analysis on a home, we automatically take MoistureFree Warranty's information with us and strongly advise our sellers to place a MoistureFree Warranty on the home. We relate specific experiences to the seller to illustrate how having the MoistureFree Warranty in place on the home will bolster their chance of selling the home more quickly and without hesitation. The day has come that any good Realtor in our area is going to advise his/her buyer to get a moisture inspection on a synthetic stucco home. By having all of those issues behind us with a 3-Year MoistureFree Warranty in place, this seals the contract. By having the knowledge about stucco, and using the MoistureFree Warranty product, we’ve been able to successfully market ourselves as the agents stucco buyers/sellers call when buying or selling a stucco home in the Naperville area."

 - Neil and Maureen Piket Realtor, Naperville, IL


"We had experienced real problems selling synthetic stucco homes in the past. Once we found the MoistureFree Warranty, we learned about their solution process, took the home through that process, and got the warranty on the home. We had been told that the home we had listed would have to have the stucco torn off for an estimated $60,000. Moisture Warranty required that we have $6000 of repairs done on the home and they issued a 5-year warranty. To be sure everything checked out, the prospective buyer did his own independent testing on the home after all this and the home was dry. MoistureFree Warranty's process really worked...just like they said it would! When I list a synthetic stucco home in the future, you can bet I'll list it with a MoistureFree Warranty!"

- Juel Hill Realtor, Houston, TX


"MoistureFree Warranty definitely helped me consummate one of my latest sales. They were so attentive and so accessible. We had a very short timeframe to close the home. MoistureFree Warranty was wonderful to work with and was also valuable in assisting me with finding a great repair contractor to do the work needed on the home before it could close. I would highly recommend MoistureFree Warranty to agents listing stucco homes.”

- Marilyn Bowman Realtor, Around Atlanta


“As a new agent, I did not understand all the issues surrounding stucco homes. MoistureFree Warranty gave me a great education about how to protect my buyer and give him the peace of mind he needed to purchase a stucco home. MoistureFree Warranty’s customer service and high level of responsiveness exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend MoistureFree Warranty to other agents.”

- J. Stewart Realtor, Atlanta, GA


"The MoistureFree Warranty has saved me again and again! As a buyer’s agent primarily, I can now show stucco homes with confidence, knowing both the buyers and I are protected long after the sale. Homes that I would not have shown before now become very sellable thanks to the MoistureFree Warranty. The staff at Moisture Warranty is wonderful to work with, professional in every way. Nothing is lacking and the process goes smoothly! MoistureFree Warranty is simply the best!"

- Constance Goins Realtor, Roswell, GA


"The staff and services from Moisture Free Warranty enabled me to sell my EIFS listing in very short order and get through the inspection and closing process smoothly. Their team served as excellent resources. I encourage anyone to use them in both the listing and buying of a synthetic stucco home."

- Suzy Green Realtor, Atlanta