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Home Inspector Stucco Training Testimonials

"For the last three years I've been an inspector associated with Moisture Warranty Corporation (MWC). MWC has been great for my business. Not only have I found MWC to be on the cutting edge of solutions regarding stucco homes, I've seen many other inspection companies similarly adopt the MWC inspection process. As for the MoistureFree Warranty, there is not a finer nationwide warranty available. The warranty is backed by a well respected warranty company with over 20 years of service to the home warranty business--------enough said! "

 - John A. Barkley Inspector, Charlotte NC


"MoistureFree Warranty is responsible for raising the bar and setting the standard for repairing and maintaining EIFS and stucco homes in our market. The warranty gives homeowners, buyers, sellers, and Realtors the information and confidence they need to buy, sell and live in EIFS and stucco homes. Once a home goes through the warranty process, the home will be in a water tight condition for the long term. As a stucco and home inspector, I strongly value the peace of mind that MoistureFree Warranty offers our clients."

- Rob Lemoine Inspector, Georgia


"My EIFS inspection business has grown exponentially over the past several years. I attribute this growth to the relationship that I have with Moisture Warranty Corporation. I consider MWC to be the leading authority on the inspection protocol, the remediation protocol, and the warranting of EIFS clad synthetic stucco and traditional stucco clad homes. Realtors know that the best way to get an EIFS home sold is to bring MWC’s expertise into the equation. If an EIFS clad home is inspected by an MWC Certified EIFS inspector, repaired by an MWC Certified contractor and is protected by a Moisture Free Warranty from a nationally trusted and respective company ….. Realtors know that the homes will sell. The homeowners know that they will get the best price on the sale of their home and the new buyer gets the assurance that the home that they are buying has been properly inspected and repaired and is insured by a national company."

 - Dan F. Inspector, Tennessee