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Home Buyers and Sellers Testimonials

" When we sold our home in Georgia, as a condition of the sale, the buyers insisted that we put a MoistureFree Warranty on our home. Having the MoistureFree Warranty protecting the home set the buyers' minds at ease. It was a smart move because it gave them the confidence they needed to purchase our home. The service representatives at Moisture Warranty were easy to work with and made the transaction go smoothly for all involved. "

 - Carolyn Seeley Seller, Orange County, CA


“ The MoistureFree Warranty made it possible for me to purchase my new stucco home. If I couldn’t have gotten a warranty on the house, I would not have bought it. I plan to keep a MoistureFree Warranty on my house until I eventually sell it someday. It’s very important to show a potential buyer that you’ve had a warranty on the house. It gives them the peace of mind they need to purchase the home.”

- John DeChamps New Homeowner, Columbia, SC


" The MoistureFree Warranty made it possible for us to sell our home that had been on the market for many months. Having the warranty made our buyer feel more assured that there wouldn't be any problems associated with buying a stucco house and that any stucco problems would be discovered and repaired. The Moisture Warranty Corporation was easy to work with and the warranty process went very smoothly. As a buyer, we wouldn't buy a stucco house without a stucco warranty and as a home seller, it made our house more marketable. Having the Moisture Free Warranty made the eventual sale go more smoothly and probably more quickly."

 - Jerry & Melanie Wright Seller, Charlotte, NC


"After the home was thoroughly inspected and the necessary repairs were made, your MoistureFree Warranty gave us the comfort and security we needed to go ahead with the purchase of our new home. Without a doubt, we would not have bought the house without this warranty."

 - Ron Ipach Buyer, Ohio