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MoistureFree Warranty ? The Only Stucco Moisture Warranty Approved By The Georgia Department of Insurance


Thank you for your interest in Moisture Warranty Corporation (MWC). As a stucco home seller, you have come to the right place to learn how to sell a stucco home in the least amount of time while retaining the asking price and protecting yourself and all parties in the sales transaction. When prospective buyers and their Realtors see that a stucco home has a MoistureFree Warranty protecting it, they know that the home has been through a stringent process of inspection and repair that has been overseen by the professionals at MoistureFree Warranty and that it has the solid-backing of the MoistureFree Warranty during the term of the warranty.

Moisture Warranty Corporation has years of experience assisting home buyers and home sellers like you. Let us put our experience and knowledge to work for you!


Warranty Protection


The MoistureFree Warranty offers warranty protection of up to five years and $150,000, and is renewable and transferable to a new homeowner. Warranties can be renewed indefinitely upon recertification.


Protect your home with the only moisture warranty approved by the Georgia Department of Insurance?the MoistureFree Warranty. Call us today at 1.800.400.8679.


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Benefits Overview:


Covers the entire stucco system, not just repaired areas.

Only national warranty program for EIFS and stucco homes.

Recognized and accepted by many insurance and relocation companies.

Helps the homeowner qualify and control repair costs by only requiring the necessary repairs determined by an unbiased third party.

Only moisture warranty approved by the Georgia Department of Insurance.