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What Happens When Windows Leak In Stucco Homes?

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stucco homes windows leak









This type of damage is NOT typical. Most window leaks do not cause significant structural damage to the framing wood.

Most damage under windows weakens the substrate (OSB, plywood, or gypsum), but does not effect the walls structural performance. The window below is the window shown below with the substrate removed. Notice the framing is solid.

stucco homes windows leak fixes


  1. What is the repair method as there is no sill pan flashing under the 3 window’s.
    Michael LePore

    Michael LePore

    May 14, 2016

  2. Check behind sash tracks to see if the miter joint area is primed and sealed. Use an acrylic latex primer and caulk to seal the miter joint behind the sash track. If the wood is damp, acrylic latex will hold better than silicone-based caulk. Always seal the vertical edge of the sash track and the stop.

    Metal double or single-hung windows should be sealed at the miter joint. Make sure any weeps are open.

    Casement and Fixed Windows – Pan them. Use a product like Damsill.


    May 17, 2016

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