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As a real estate professional, you’re undoubtedly aware of the stigma associated with stucco homes, and the real estate transactions that have been ruined by the problems related to stucco. You get a listing on one of these homes, a moisture inspection is completed on it, and any problems that are discovered lead to complications closing the sale. Maybe you’ve experienced it firsthand; maybe you’ve experienced is firsthand, or just heard about it from associates. But you don’t live in fear of it. Now there is a solution – the MoistureFree Warranty.

A MoistureFree Warranty provides protection for new homeowners against any moisture problems related to their stucco cladding, but the protection doesn’t stop there. The seller and the real estate professional involved in the sale can rest assured that the transaction won’t come back to haunt them later due to problems with the stucco system. Some agents have been named in lawsuits by stucco homeowners because of their participation in the sale of a stucco home that had problems after the sale. Reduce your risk with a MoistureFree Warranty.