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Moisture Warranty Corporation has several sister companies that it owns as part of our commitment to addressing and solving moisture intrusion problems.



DamSillTMis a proven window pan system designed to solve the problem of leaking windows and doors in both new and existing commercial and residential construction. DamSillTM  catches water that penetrates through and around windows and doors and distributes it away from the sheathing and wall cavity.

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ReportMakerPro is a report software designed for home and moisture inspectors, consultants, engineers, and architects. With its power image and data tools, data and digital images merge to create stunning professional reports! For more information, visit our web site at, call 1.888.698.6883, or email us at 

MoistureFree Commercial Services

Each year, moisture causes billions of dollars of damage to building envelopes in North America. Moisture-related damage can reduce the service life of buildings while also having a negative influence on indoor air quality. The health and safety of the building’s inhabitants is compromised as well as the energy efficiency of walls, roofs, and the foundation.

As a natural progression from successfully remediating and warranting residential properties for a large national class action settlement, Moisture Warranty Corporation ventured into providing the same much-needed services for commercial buildings in 2004. MoistureFree Commercial Services provides a warranty-backed  solution with the expertise necessary to find and solve moisture problems from beginning to end. From the initial inspections through warranty-protected repairs, MoistureFree Commercial Services is your single-source provider.

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