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Thank you for your interest in Moisture Warranty Corporation. As a stucco homeowner, you have come to the right place to learn how to protect your stucco home and enjoy it for many years to come. The MoistureFree Warranty offers a complete solution process for stucco homeowners. In the past, stucco homeowners didn’t know where to turn to obtain honest and accurate information about how to deal with moisture problems. Moisture Warranty Corporation combines all elements of the solution process into the MoistureFree Warranty program and does it in a true third-party manner. Since we do not inspect or repair stucco homes, we represent the true interests of you, the homeowner. If an inspection is not thorough, or repairs are done incorrectly, Moisture Warranty Corporation faces potential claims against the warranty. So, our concerns mirror your concerns…we want a dry home, and we’ll assist you in the process of making sure your home’s cladding is dry…or we’ll pay to get it dry.