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Before you take the online MoistureFree Certification Exam

  • Be sure you have viewed ALL of the training videos before you take the exam. It is unlikely that you pass the exam without viewing and studying the video training tapes.

  • You will be given two opportunities to take the exam without any additional fees. Thereafter, a test administration fee of $95 will be charged for each additional testing attempt

  • To achieve a passing grade and MoistureFree Certification, you must score 90% or higher on the exam.

  • The inspector exam has 108 questions and the repair contractor exam has 105 questions (about 25 test screens).

Ready To Take The Test?

If you are ready to take the MoistureFree Certification examination,  CLICK HERE  to contact Dana to  start the testing process. You will then be sent to the testing page. Once at this page, you will enter a unique case sensitive Session ID Number and Password which have been supplied to you by Moisture Warranty Corporation’s testing administrator once you have paid the associated fees and are ready to take the Certification exam (be sure you enter them EXACTLY as they are shown). When you have entered your information and begun the Online Session, you will have the ability to go back and review your answers and make any changes. However, once you have finished the exam and exit, you will NOT be able to log back on and make any more changes. You will have used up one of your two opportunities to take and pass the exam at no additional charge. Any future attempts will require an additional $95 test administration fee. Be sure you are ready to take the exam before you enter the session!

Good Luck!