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Moisture Warranty Corporation has trained hundreds of home inspectors throughout the country on the correct methods for thoroughly inspecting both synthetic stucco (EIFS) and hardcoat stucco homes. We support the inspectors by being there for them as they encounter questions in the field, provide them with newsletters about information important to their business, and foster a mutually beneficial relationship. If you are interested in becoming MWC Certified in your area, please call  800.400.8679 ext. 162.

Costs – Two components are required to perform MoistureFree inspections. The ReportMaker Pro/DC Companion software, used for all reporting, is priced at $395. The MoistureFree training and certification program costs $395. The two can be purchased together for $695 which represents a savings of $95. This covers the cost of a video-based training film (VHS Video) and the ReportMaker Pro/DC Companion software. For those individuals who have already purchased the ReportMaker Pro software, the training video and certification testing are available at a cost of $295 

  • Complete the MoistureFree Warranty Inspector Certification/Training Order Form and provide prerequisite credentials: information sheet on your company including certifications and experience, and a copy of a recent inspection.

  • Purchase MoistureFree Warranty Inspection and Repair Video Training Series.

  • Receive training materials from Moisture Warranty Corp. Training materials will include a Certification Number for access to testing.

  • Study the materials until you are ready for the test.

  • Follow the instructions to take the on-line testing at MWC web site.

  • Complete the test. Pass / Fail information will be provided immediately.

  • After a successful qualification, proof of Certification will be mailed immediately.

  • For those who do not qualify, an e-mail will be sent indicating those questions missed and a new certification number (your password to retake the test). Candidates will be allowed to take the test twice at no additional fee. Should additional testing be required, these test sessions will cost $95.00 each additional time.

  • Upon certification, the inspector’s name will be added to the MoistureFree Warranty list of certified inspectors.

Inspector Equipment Requirements

Computer with ReportMaker Pro Software installed. (It is suggested you have at least 64 Megs of RAM and a Pentium computer. We also suggest Windows 98 although it will work fine on most Windows 95 machines).

Internet connection (High speed preferred but not required)

ISP (Internet Service Provider for e-mail)

Digital Camera

Tramex Wet Wall Moisture Meter

Electrical Resistance Probe Meter – Delmhurst BD-2100 or similar suggested

Ladder - Minimum 16 ft. – (20 ft. or 24 ft. preferred)